A million Kiwis abandoned by Jacinda Ardern

Fri, 22 Oct, 2021

“The Government’s announcement today hasn’t even considered the international border, simply saying “soon we will be on a pathway to reopening the border,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“If we’re going to be on a ‘pathway’ soon, where on earth are we now, off-roading?

“Jacinda Ardern talks about the ‘team of five million.” We are actually a team of six million. There are a million Kiwis offshore who still call New Zealand home who have no pathway to coming back.

“People want to come for many reasons. Family reunions, deaths of loved ones, the arrival of new babies, to fill jobs, and just being with family and friends. New Zealand is their home, keeping them locked out and fighting over a tiny number of MIQ spaces is cruel.

“There was no mention of MIQ or self-isolation today. We cannot go on like this and we can’t keep ignoring a million New Zealanders.

“ACT would allow fully vaccinated people who have tested negative to self-isolate. There are currently more than 80 people in Auckland who have COVID-19 who are isolating at home. If it’s good enough for COVID positive people, it should be good enough for low-risk people who just want to come home.”