ACT absolutely positively supports Progress Wellington

Thu, 05 Aug, 2021

“The depth of feeling from Wellington businesses couldn’t be clearer, it’s time for Let’s Get Wellington Moving to start listening,” says ACT’s transport spokesperson Simon Court.

“The full page advertisement in the Dominion Post from the newly formed Progress Wellington reflects the feelings of everyone I’ve spoken to in the capital.

“At the moment Let’s Get Wellington Moving does the exact opposite to what it says on the tin.

“LGWM’s website says “Let’s Get Wellington Moving is working with the people of Wellington to develop a transport system that supports your aspirations for how the city looks, feels, and functions. The programme partners want to support Wellington’s growth while making it safer and easier for you to get around.”

“It’s time for it to reflect on its mission statement.

“ACT absolutely positively supports Progress Wellington. It’s time to actually get Wellington moving.”