ACT calls on Government to be kind

Wed, 08 Sep, 2021

“The ACT Party is once again calling on the Government to urgently extend Resurgence Payments to businesses,” says ACT’s Small Business spokesperson Chris Baillie.

“If this Government should be doing anything under urgency right now, it’s extended these payments to be weekly under Level 4, Level 3 and for hospitality under Level 2.

“While it might not be urgent for the Government, it’s urgent for these businesses.

“I have been inundated with messages from business owners who feel helpless and desperate. I fear for their wellbeing and mental health.

“We have stood by as the Government has given money from the COVID Fund for cameras on fishing boats, Three Waters and the Spirit Collection at Te Papa.

“Now businesses have been forced to close by the Government, they have little or no income but the bills keep rolling in. There is no greater case for spending from the COVID fund than this.

“ACT is urgently calling on the Government to take its blinkers off when it comes to the plight of businesses. If there was ever a time to be kind, it’s right here and right now.”