ACT launches Three Strikes petition

Thu, 11 Nov, 2021

“The ACT Party won’t stand by as the Government goes soft on our worst and most violent offenders, today we are launching a petition against the repeal,” says ACT’s Justice spokesperson Nicole McKee.

“Three Strikes was an ACT idea introduced in 2010 to send a signal to violent offenders that New Zealanders won’t tolerate repeated violent and sexual offending.

“The average Three Strikes offender has 74 convictions.

“Just 18 people have been sentenced to a Third Strike. The total number of people sentenced to a first, second or third strike account for just one percent of the people sentenced in our courts. This is the worst of the worst. These offenders leave behind a long list of victims, some who will never fully recover from the trauma.

“For every offence carried out, there is a victim. Labour seems to have forgotten that.

“ACT will campaign against the repeal of this law that deters violent offending.  

“Under this Government gang numbers have ballooned, according to Labour, if you wear a patch, you have more rights than any other citizen. 

“The repeal of this law is just another signal that this Government is soft on crime. 

“Our petition sends a message to Labour that New Zealanders won’t stand for this. 

“As part of the next Government, ACT will push to reintroduce Three Strikes, because victims of violent crime deserve justice and New Zealanders deserve to be safe.”