Tauranga By-Election Candidate

Ali Kivilcim

Why I would like to stand for ACT and represent the Tauranga Electorate

I am tired of seeing the 2-3 term cycle of Labour then National. I have been all over the country running small businesses from Rangiora to Kaitaia, I've studied business and currently practicing as a family and criminal lawyer while maintaining two businesses.

Over the last few years i've seen this country change for the worse. My businesses have gone down, costs have increased, workers have become harder to find caused directly by short sighted policies of Labour. Hard work is no longer rewarded while being on the benefit looks more appealing. Crime is at record levels and very under reported and the punishment are more lenient. Gangs have become invincible and the police are too weak to deal with them.

The middle class is being squeezed hard and most of them have no disposable income other than necessities which is becoming harder everyday. Young people have lost hope for the future and are looking to leave at the earliest opportunity. Healthcare is crumbling and dr’s and nurses are looking for the exits. Our army was nothing but glorified security guards for the MIQ facilities. We are handing out money to vanity projects that end up going over budget because none of these people in power have ever worked a day in their life and ran a business.

I will spark (my last name in English) hope in people and break the cycle. I’m young, educated, pop-culture savvy and charismatic with broad business and legal background to win Tauranga election.

If you require any further information for the candidate, please send an email to us on
 [email protected]