Tauranga By-Election Candidate

Cameron Luxton

Why I would like to stand for ACT and represent the Tauranga Electorate

I believe that to secure a prosperous future for all New Zealanders we must protect the democratic processes we put in place long ago. We must treat all citizens as equals, enshrine property rights and introduce policies that resolve issues, rather than create them.

These principles are championed by ACT, exclusively in the current Parliament. They’re the main reasons I stood in Tauranga in 2020, our most successful campaign, and why I ask for your support to stand in 2022.

Working with David and dedicated members is inspiring. Like the party, our Tauranga team continues to expand. Campaigning hard requires commitment, time and experience all of which I have to offer.

My practical life experiences were gained from blue collar work.  As a young farmer I won regional and national dairy industry awards. That competitive experience taught me a lot about the dedication of the people in the sector and those who support them. Those traits are equally evident in the Tauranga construction sector, where I work as a carpenter. I believe I can put the skills I’ve developed in those vital sectors towards representing Tauranga and ACT.

Tauranga is my focus. It’s home to the family I love, my business and my friends. Its success is underpinned by its connections to the land. Labour shows no interest in those who earn their living from the land. I believe our city needs an ACT MP who appreciates its links to its wider environment, alongside its capacity to expand and prosper.

If you require any further information for the candidate, please send an email to us on [email protected]