Tauranga By-Election Candidate

Christine Young

Why I would like to stand for ACT and represent the Tauranga Electorate

I am a small business owner, being the cofounder of the Martial Arts Academy in Tauranga and Papamoa. I hold the rank of 7th Dan Master in ITF TKD.

I have put myself forward as ACT party candidate because I am deeply concerned with the direction our country is taking under the current and previous governments. I believe the over-reach of government in our daily lives has gone too far. Hardwork, enterprise and common sense should be rewarded, instead we are creating a generation of dependency, and an expectation of government handouts.

I worry for the future of New Zealanders as we are creating several classes of citizens; rules and regulations snuff out the entrepreneurial spirit that has been the backbone of previous prosperity for our country.

The ACT party have excellent, well thought out policies, and I want these to be taken notice of and to have a stronger voice in the direction of NZ's future.

If you require any further information for the candidate, please send an email to us on
 [email protected]