Vote Cameron Luxton for Tauranga

Find your nearest voting booth here.

What message will you send?

Simon Bridges is moving back to Auckland, and Tauranga must choose a new MP.

We think the most powerful way to use your vote is to help send Cameron Luxton to Wellington.

Voting National means you’re not happy, but will put up with it anyway.

Cameron Luxton is the distinctive voice that up-and-coming Tauranga needs. A family man with a small business, he’s invested in the future of your city.

This city is growing and has growing pains. A growing city needs a practical approach and managing a building company means Cameron solves problems every day.

Common sense says you won’t get a different outcome by voting the same way again. If you want to send Wellington a message that Tauranga won’t be taken for granted, please give your vote to Cameron Luxton.

If you want to support Cam, please sign up to volunteer here. You can also donate to the party to send a message to the Government.

A vote for Cameron is a vote for:

Roading and Infrastructure

  • Need to focus on removing bottlenecks to free up roads for cars, not cycleways, “safe speed zones”, or anti-car policies.

  • Share half the GST on construction in Tauranga with the council.

  • We need certainty in infrastructure planning, funded by central government. 30 year infrastructure partnerships with the council, so that Tauranga doesn’t turn into another Auckland-like mess.

  • Fix the roads once and do it right. Stop the endless cycle of repairs and rework.

Safer communities 

  • ACT will fight to retain 3 strikes. It is madness that Labour want to give the worst violent and sexual offenders a clean slate.

  • ACT will introduce a separate 3 Strikes regime for burglary, if you do three burglaries you get three years.

  • ACT will ensure that you can’t get parole without being able to read, if you can read you can earn parole by helping others to read.

Restoring democracy

  • ACT would restore democracy to Tauranga. There is no reason why free and fair elections can’t be held along with the rest of New Zealand. The problem was the last council, not the next one. Labour has appointed people to push its agenda including introducing Māori Wards. Anne Tolley is being paid more than she was as a Government Minister, on $320,000 per year.

  • ACT has led the debate on co-governance. We would hold a referendum on co-governance.

  • ACT would repeal Three Waters and the Māori Health Authority

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