ACT's response to COVID-19

COVID-19 is likely to cause significant disruption to our economy and to the livelihoods of many New Zealanders. ACT intends to keep you up to date with the various impacts.

We have independent economic experts ready to provide analysis and to support us to develop a plan for economic recovery.

We’ll be providing news on COVID-19 from inside Parliament, and we also want to hear from you.

ACT is committed to:

  • Providing timely, accurate information on the economic impacts of COVID-19
  • Sharing insights from our independent economic experts
  • Providing regular updates from Parliament
  • Outlining our plan for economic recovery
  • Seeking your views on the response.

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ACT's Plan

  • Delay or cancel the minimum wage increase scheduled for 1 April 2020; 
  • Pause the introduction of non-coronavirus-related regulations for 12 months; 
  • Provide 12 months’ tax relief. Read our provisional tax plan here.
  • Redirect wasteful spending – including Fees-Free and the Provincial Growth Fund – to support struggling businesses.