Democracy wins

Sat, 28 Aug, 2021

“The ACT Party has today welcomed the Parliamentary Business Committee decision that a socially distanced Parliament will go ahead next week,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Any ACT MPs who attend next week will already be in Wellington, be double vaccinated, masked, and taking all precautions. 

“As Trevor Mallard has said, the number of staff needed to run Parliament can be counted on one hand.

“We believe it’s critical at times like this that Government scrutiny is enhanced, and we will be calling for Parliament to resume the Epidemic Response Committee when it sits on Tuesday.

“This will ensure that not only would Ministers be held to account, but members of the public who have been impacted by this lockdown could also be heard.

“It was always a double standard for Government workers to be in the Beehive, and the Prime Minister and Ashley Bloomfield to hold in-person press conferences while refusing to allow a socially distanced Parliament.

“The Government has argued that it’s dangerous for people to be on the Parliamentary grounds. They obviously forgot to tell all the cleaners on site this week. Has Ashley Bloomfield advised journalists that the in-person press conferences he does most days are too dangerous?

“Transparency and accountability are needed now more than ever and ACT welcomes the decision for Parliament to sit.”