Government should Google “double-standard”

Fri, 06 Aug, 2021

“The Government needs to answer why Google billionaire Larry Page was able to get residency so quickly when skilled workers are being turned away,” says ACT Deputy Leader Brooke van Velden.

“Media are reporting that Page was given residency under the ‘Investor Plus’ category after he came into New Zealand with his son who needed medical treatment.

Recently a small town medical centre was forced to close to new patients when the doctor couldn’t get residency and was forced to leave the country.

“What is the difference here and why was Page’s application able to be processed so fast when we know there are many people in New Zealand unable to get residency?

“We should be attracting people who can invest in New Zealand but the perception of this stinks. Why has one category been fast tracked while others have their lives in limbo.

“The Government is sending a message that money is more important than doctors, fruit pickers and families who are separated from their children.

“There’s a double standard here and the Government needs to explain.”