Nearly a third of bureaucrats earn six figures

Wed, 08 Dec, 2021

“New figures released by the Public Service Commission show there are 3,246 more public servants earning six figures this year compared with last,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“In 2020, 15,055 bureaucrats earned over $100,000. In 2021, that number is 18,301. That’s 3,246 more in just one year.

“Earlier this year Jacinda Ardern and Chris Hipkins waxed lyrical about the public sector tightening its belt. They claimed there would be pay freezes and fiscal responsibility.

“It was all spin. Instead, the bloated public service has expanded further while Kiwi battlers have done it tough.

“Labour loves to spend other people’s money. But in the midst of pandemic and record inflation and debt, now is not the time to feather the nests of the public service.

“While wages were rising at half the pace of inflation and businesses struggled through lockdowns relying on cash reserves and the wage subsidy to get by, bureaucrats in Wellington collected their fortnightly pay while working from home.

“The median income is $57,000 and a significant chunk of that is paid in tax. Kiwis expect better public services, not huge salaries for bureaucrats. 

“It’s clear government departments aren’t delivering better bang for our buck. They are not faster, the services aren’t better and they are not more transparent.

“Middle New Zealand is being squeezed from every direction. Petrol, rent and groceries are all going up. Families have to make tough decisions with their own budgets like choosing between swimming lessons for little Sally and filling up the car. It’s time the Government started making the tough decisions too.”