Our MPs' Members' Bills

Mon, 17 May, 2021

ACT is committed to not just opposing bad ideas, but also proposing good ideas.

Every one of our 10 MPs has drafted a members' bill. On farming, free speech, small business and much more, ACT MPs are working hard to represent you in Wellington. You can read them below.

David Seymour's Constitution (Enabling a 4-Year Term) Amendment Bill would allow Governments to run for four years between elections for more careful and considered law making, but only if they give control of select committees over to the opposition for greater scrutiny of laws and government departments.

Brooke van Velden's Companies (Non-publication of Directors’ Residential Addresses) Amendment Bill gives company directors the choice if they want to make their residential address publicly available on the companies register. The requirement that the residential addresses of all company directors are public is a breach of privacy and exposes them to potential abuse, harassment, and could even place directors in danger.

Nicole McKee's Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) (Definition of Significant Criminal Activity) Amendment Bill would hit the gangs where it hurts by increasing the power of Police to seize assets connected with significant criminal activity.

Chris Baillie's Repeal of Good Friday and Easter Sunday as Restricted Trading Days (Shop Trading and Sale of Alcohol) Amendment Bill would remove an extra burden on businesses by removing the restriction on trading and selling alcohol on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Simon Court's Climate Change Response (Offshore Mitigation) Amendment Bill would allow for New Zealand to use offshore mitigation
to meet its emissions targets, ensuring New Zealanders can fulfil their emissions reduction obligations at least cost.

James McDowall's Education and Training (Freedom of Expression) Amendment Bill would require tertiary educations to protect freedom of expression on campus or have funding cut.

Karen Chhour's Oranga Tamariki (Repeal of Section 7AA) Amendment Bill will ensure that the wellbeing of children and young people - and not the Treaty of Waitangi - is the paramount consideration of Oranga Tamariki.

Mark Cameron's Resource Management (Regional Responsibility for Certain Agricultural Matters) Amendment Bill removes the ability for certain agriculture regulations to be set by central government in Wellington and devolves them to regional councils.

Toni Severin's Parole (Mandatory Completion of Rehabilitative Programmes) Amendment Bill would require prisoners to complete skills and rehabilitation programmes prior to being considered for parole.

Damien Smith's Overseas Investment (Exempt Investment from OECD Countries) Amendment Bill would exempt investors from democratic OECD countries from the need to receive Overseas Investment Office approval to invest in New Zealand.