Prime Minister’s hypocrisy on immigration

Sun, 01 Aug, 2021

“At the same time as the Prime Minister is apologising for the Dawn Raids in the 1970s, Labour is completely ignoring the struggles being faced by migrants today,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“MPs from every party except Labour and the Māori Party are currently gathered in Auckland  for an event hosted by the Indian News to discuss the immigration issues that are leaving families torn apart and businesses unable to operate.

“We have a humanitarian and economic crisis right now. While Ardern is focussed on events from 40 years ago, she has no regard for what’s happening today under her leadership.

“Ardern is taking responsibility for immigration policy from before she was born, what about people suffering now?

“Labour has 65 Members of Parliament and not a single one has fronted today to the Indian community.

“It’s time for Labour to show some kindness to the migrant community. Parents shouldn’t be separated from their children and business shouldn’t be forced to close down.

“It’s time to acknowledge what’s happening right now.”