RAT confusion easily resolved

Tue, 08 Feb, 2022

“The confusion about whether the Government took RATs that were already in the country and destined for private businesses is easily resolved”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“The Ministry of Health has said it ‘did take the full February allocation from Roche and their stock on hand in New Zealand as part of having our orders fulfilled by Roche’.

“Jacinda Ardern said this morning on AM that was wrong.

“They can’t both be right.

“The Government could easily put the issue to rest by releasing all of the correspondence it and the Ministry of Health had with RAT manufacturers.

“If the Prime Minister is right, and the Ministry has done nothing wrong, the Government will be eager to release the documents publicly.

“If it chooses to keep them secret, New Zealanders will come to their own conclusions.”