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No Road Tax Increases

Labour is increasing taxes on Kiwis at the worst possible time. We’re about to enter recession, people are losing jobs, and household budgets are being stretched.

Labour is going ahead with increases in fuel excise and road user charges. RUCs will increase by 5 percent and fuel taxes will increase by 3.5c per litre.

Just as New Zealanders are trying to get moving after Covid-19, Labour is increasing the taxes on road users.

Finance Minister Grant Robertson said we are in 'unprecedented times', but when it comes to increasing taxes on hard-working Kiwis, it is business as usual from Labour.

ACT says Labour must commit to no increases in road taxes so we can get the economy going again.

In fact, ACT has a plan to cut taxes, while still getting the books balanced within three years in our Alternative Budget.

If you want Labour to get its hands out of motorists' wallets, please sign my petition.

David Seymour MP
ACT Leader

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Prime Minister: Put an immediate halt on planned increases in road user charges and fuel tax.

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