Street Corner Meetings with Cameron Luxton - Greerton / Gate Pa


This Sunday, Cameron Luxton is hosting a series of street corner meetings around Greerton and Gate Pa to hear what matters to you.


Grab a coffee and head down to one of the following street corners at a time that suits you:


09:30am Corner Tyrone St, Carlisle St

10:00am Corner Mansels Rd, Emmett St

10:30am Corner Fraser St, Camellia PI

11:00am Corner Hynds Rd, Sherwin St

11:30am Corner Bongard St, Tuthill St

12:00pm Corner Cook St, Murray St

1:30pm Corner 18th Ave, Devonport Rd

2:00pm Corner Fraser St, Lloyd St

2:30pm Corner Sheppard St, Manley Grove St


We hope to see you there!


Sunday, 22 May, 2022

Will you come?