Taking the politics out of Policing

Tue, 20 Jul, 2021

“ACT will ensure there are always enough Police on the beat instead of recruitment being a political football,” says former Policeman and ACT’s Police spokesperson Chris Baillie.

“For too long, Police have been subject to a political auction as major parties bid for new money in the lead up to elections. Policing isn’t about politics; it’s about keeping New Zealanders safe.

‘That’s why ACT is announcing a policy to automatically adjust police staffing budgets in line with population increases.

“We need an enduring solution for police numbers that stops the police force becoming a political football every three years.

“Crime doesn’t wait for an election, and neither can the Police. This policy provides a predictable and steady level of resourcing for the Police that sets a floor for their recruitment.

“As a former Police Officer, I know how insulting these political games are, and the evidence shows they just don’t work.

“Labour’s much lauded 1800 extra cops has been a failure, with recruit numbers now declining. We were meant to reach 1800 within four years and we’re still not there. Recruitment has now stopped.

“ACT will support frontline officers by ensuring they are not encumbered with the proposed ill-defined and subjective hate speech laws, that they continue to be resources to leverage new technologies to assist in policing, and that they have a party on their side to reduce red tape and compliance.

“ACT is also committing to an independent review of the Independent Police Conduct Authority. The long waits for IPCA reports leave both police and victims in a state of stress and limbo while they’re being carried out.

“ACT backs the Police to keep New Zealanders safe and we believe New Zealanders deserve the certainty that there are enough officers to call on when they need them.”

Our Honest Conversations Law and Order document can be found here.