Ten things better than vouchers

Wed, 01 Dec, 2021

“It’s great that the Government is issuing vouchers for businesses still alive after the lockdown, but here are the top ten things they could have done, or still do, for business,” according to ACT Leader David Seymour.

1. Order the vaccine on time so that New Zealand would not be one of the latest vaccinators in the world, and could lift restrictions earlier
2. Partner with GPs, pharmacies, and community groups from the beginning of the vaccine roll out to make it faster
3. Record vaccinations at the time with the NZ COVID Tracer App so people had their proof of vaccination ready to go
4. Publish the Public Health Order for the Traffic Light system when it was announced so that businesses could plan their opening in accordance with the law
5. Open the border to international students at the same time as Australia does so New Zealand’s education sector can compete
6. Design the major events insurance scheme so that events with under 5000 people can benefit
7. Legalise Rapid Antigen Testing immediately so businesses can protect their workforce with regular testing
8. Move regions to the correct traffic light colour, so regions with no cases are orange or green, and so are regions that are among the most vaccinated places in the world
9. Dump MIQ for fully vaxxed travellers immediately so that businesspeople can travel and renew connections, and staff can come to fill skill gaps
10. Ensure the vaccine passport will be ready to go for future vaccines and boosters, so there’s clarity going forward. 

“The vouchers, while welcome, are a band-aid. They don’t replace what business really needs, which is competent epidemic management from a government that thinks ahead.”