Time for some maturity at Parliament

Tue, 17 May, 2022

ACT Leader David Seymour is calling on his Parliamentary colleagues to show New Zealanders some respect and stop the petty politics when Parliament resumes today.

“Last week was a low point for New Zealand politics, Kiwis are tired of politicians behaving like children. We all need to step up and raise the standard of debate,” says Mr Seymour.

“Last week ACT released our fully costed Real Change Budget. It proposed tax cuts, cuts to wasteful spending and increases to teachers pay, Defence and infrastructure.

“These important issues deserve to be debated, instead they were met with personal insults from the likes of Willie Jackson and other politicians laying claim to positions they haven’t even earnt yet.

“And that was before other MPs re-enacted a scene from the movie Mean Girls in the Parliament café.

“What we should be focussed on is the level of debt future generations are facing, whether we can afford superannuation without raising the age of entitlement and how Kiwis get by day to day through a cost of living crisis.

“ACT is the only Opposition Party to have released an alternative budget. We have released more policy than any other party this term. Our caucus is focussed on New Zealanders and the issues that matter to them – a healthier economy, thriving communities and a Kiwi Identity to be proud of.

“It’s time to stop the personal jibes and focus on policy.”