Traffic lights not ready for those vaccinated overseas

Wed, 01 Dec, 2021

“As New Zealand moves into the traffic light system this Friday, many fully vaccinated New Zealanders who got their jabs overseas will be left without a pass,” says ACT Leader David Seymour. 

“ACT has been contacted by many people desperate to get a haircut who haven’t been able to get their vaccine pass authorised by the Ministry of Health. 

“It’s one thing to miss out on a haircut, now they will be excluded from going anywhere on Friday despite doing the right thing and being fully vaccinated. 

“The Ministry of Health is taking weeks to verify those who didn’t have their jab in New Zealand and give them approval to have a pass. 

“The Government has had months to get these systems in place. It needs to answer why it’s taking so long to verify vaccinated people.

“People should not be excluded from society when they’ve done the right thing and had the jab. 

“COVID Response Minister Chris Hipkins should outline what steps he’s taking to speed this process up.”