Willie Jackson can’t define democracy

Sun, 24 Apr, 2022

Māori Affairs Minister Willie Jackson has today shown all of the reasons why we need a proper debate on co-governance,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“In an extraordinary interview on Q+A, Jackson was unable to explain how co-governance was democratic, he claimed “democracy has changed” but couldn’t say how and said co-governance was the same as MMP but couldn’t explain how.

“Instead of giving a single example of how co-governance is democratic, he instead attacked me and the presenter of the show, even questioning Jack Tame’s level of education.

“This interview showed exactly why we need to have a debate on this issue. It’s a sad state of affairs when our constitutional settings are changing and the Government can’t put forward a coherent argument. At best they don’t understand what they’re saying, at worst they’re deliberately muddying the water with misinformation.

“ACT believes liberal democracy matters. Every adult New Zealander gets one vote. Superficial characteristics like race, sex, sexuality and religion are not relevant to our rights. Being the first in the world to achieve that is New Zealand’s greatest political achievement.

“The fact that Willie Jackson can only say that “democracy has changed” and “there’s nothing to fear” but has no other reasoning for his policy is hugely concerning.

“Willie Jackson has claimed repeatedly that he’d like to have a debate with me about this. I welcome this. The reason we haven’t is because the Prime Minister’s office won’t let him. After this morning’s interview I’m not surprised. I’m standing by ready to debate Willie Jackson and I’ll be armed with facts instead of personal insults. The ball is in his court.”